Friday, March 23, 2012

Start by Liking us on Facebook, lots of support opportunities will be coming!

The facebook page is almost as new as this blog, so please join/like/follow and check back again in a few days to see how far we can get in getting our technology ready and getting ourselves rolling.

The value of this camp is too much to convey in a short starter-post, but there are photos and info on the facebook page about the lease increase notice (that will make the camp unavailable after September, 2012, if council has to sell/end the lease!)

If you start a blog, have Westana photos or stories you'd like to link to or share, and/or see other resources we should link to, tell me and I'll put links up on this blog.

There'll be pages on this blog with different kinds of actions we need help with (ranging from little to big) and different types of ideas we'd like to explore, but a great starting point is letter writing (see facebook page if you haven't been to Westana yourself, and see the lease notice page to see what our council is up against).

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