Saturday, December 1, 2012

We are OFFICIALLY starting to raise money to Save Camp Westana!!!

From our fearless leader Becky via Facebook:
If anyone wants to help volunteer for fundraising, or any of the other numerous steps that it takes to come up with $500,000, please email and we will send you a volunteer form to fill out and return. We will also send the other documents and information that you need to get started. 

We are OFFICIALLY starting to raise money to Save Camp Westana!!!

Related author's notes for this blog: 

Back when we were raising awareness and exploring options, the blog was the place for detailed info, with other media used for updates.  At the time, there was a lot of 'thick' information to sort through.  Now that our targets are set on a course of action, and we have a person to lead the charge (yay!) the general picture is far less complicated, and information sharing will be based more on updates and such.

We know that not all media is for everyone, so I will try to post Becky's facebook updates here over time for those of you who don't prefer facebook, and so that we all have a way to share info with non-facebook friends and family.


  1. Thank you, Angela!! We are in need of as many volunteers as possible while we are in the midst of fundraising. $500,000 is a lot of money, but our goal is reachable!! And this is for our daughters and granddaughters.

  2. I hope a lot of folks step up with donations and I also hope lots of volunteer and leader help is available, as this is an ENORMOUS task that needs numbers to make it!