Sunday, March 25, 2012

Look what I just found....a blog devoted to saving Girl Scout and Boy Scout Camps!

The site is, which offers the following description of their organization:
It seems that almost monthly we hear about another scout camp or nature camp being put up for sale. is a project of LandChoices, a 501c3 national nonprofit land conservation organization based in Milford, Michigan. is part of LandChoices’ Big Camps program to save camps for kids. was established to provide information about how Scout and other outdoor camps can be saved from being sold for development.
They have toolkits, tips, videos and links to resources.  Please take a look at their toolkit page and see if you can help sift through this site and see if their are tips you'd be excited about getting us going on for Westana or spearheading or at least bringing to our attention.  I haven't begun to sift through it myself, and it may be a few days until I can, so please let me know what ideas stand out the most!

If that seems daunting, no worries, consider book marking it and taking a look at it later.

For now, our top priority is letter writing (look for a tab/page on this blog for where to send it and more info).

Thanks, Angela!

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