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Leaders and families have great photos from Westana from over the years, some of which have been shared on facebook (though we haven't figured out how people can post more than a picture at a time).

Here are some links to the albums that have been posted so far, and for videos we'll be uploading over time.

Of course, Westana is best enjoyed in person, but these pictures are pretty darn enjoyable!

Photographers include at least the following so far: Ann Brooks, Naureen Sago, Bill Smith, Becky Opalka, Angela Daenzer (by refers here to at least having posted the photos and in most cases having taken them)

Westana 2005 by Ann Brooks                                Westana 2006 by Ann Brooks

Winter Camp Westana 2008 by Ann Brooks                                Winter Camp Westana 2007 by Ann Brooks 

2009 Summer Westana by Ann Brooks and girls                         Winter Camp Westana by Ann Brooks

More to come as I catch up with what's been posted........

Videos (so far)

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