Friday, April 13, 2012

Representative Bill Beck to Girlscouts: You're not alone

Yesterday's post may have made our progress sound a little....stagnant?  We've found that our limitations so far are pretty darn limiting....hefty and grounded in law and policy decisions that are so far not at all in our favor.  Issues we can't address with cookie sales!

So far, our camp is in the wrong place at the wrong time politically, but she is still standing where she belongs, so we are still ready to do whatever it takes to keep her there.

Which brings me to today's happy event....a phone call from Bill Beck, who wanted to let us know that we're not in this alone, and that solutions are being sought.  He's begun meeting with agencies and organizations that could help with solutions or play important roles, and he has more meetings to come.

He sees that there are win-win possibilities here, and it is EXTREMELY heartening to know that those with the resources and skills to do what we can't are engaged and active in doing so!  Stay tuned, campers!

Today's food for thought:
This is the day, in 1962, that Rachel Carson's Silent Spring was published.


  1. So glad to hear we have support in legislature. If we can get our hands on a master phone list of members and volunteers I would be happy to start making phone calls to remind folks about the upcoming meetings.

  2. Hopefully we will know a time and place to share pretty soon; I had heard previously that those days were confirmed, but I heard today those may not be set dates.

  3. Successful easement endeavor for a California Girl Scout Camp (just last month)

  4. UPDATE: Town meeting is scheduled for Kalispell on April 30th and possibly another in Columbia Falls or Whitefish.

    If you plan to attend, and it helps you to have a local meeting....EMAIL COUNCIL so they know.