Things you can do so far

  • Personal letters about your experiences at Westana and/or what the camp means to you (and even if you've never been there, why you think it is worth saving)!  (email them to if you are willing to let us include them in our efforts)
  • Personal stories in general, as comments or facebook posts, or emailed to us for us to share
  • Attend town meetings or fundraisers
  • Like/share/join, etc.
  • Keep checking back over time
  • Send us information about your work on Westana: the hours you've spent, who with, photos, etc.
  • Information, suggestions, ideas......we are still in the beginning phases of gathering information and finding the right questions to be asking
  • Start a blog....we will post links to it on our sites
  • Send encouragement to our fearless leader, Becky, via the email address above or on any of our media sites.  This is a HUGE undertaking for someone to lead....we want to show her our appreciation and keep her spirits up....this will be a LONG, TOUGH road and she deserves our gratitude and support!

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