Friday, December 21, 2012

We have Paypal for donations! Thank you Council!

Terry Borning and Stefanie Harrington of Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming sent us the links to our paypal account. They even sent me html code for the blog (yay!), so consider this post, 1) an invitation to donate via paypal, 2) an invitation to test the link, and 3) an invitation to comment with any problems or to post your success.  Problems can also be communicated to Becky at

Please view the Donations tab/page above to read our donor letter.  If this is a gift of giving, also view that tab and call or email Becky your message request RIGHT AWAY (include in your email that you paid via paypal).


  1. I just used the paypal link and it worked marvelously. It felt good too!! Merry Christmas! Ann

  2. Thank you, Ann! Merry Christmas!