Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Easement Application Process

As you can see throughout our sites, our lease has gone up above what we can pay.  There are multiple options to consider, none of which are simple (see the Lease Notice Letter link at the top of this blog).  We want to research them and be able to make proposals to council that are as viable as possible.

Options like paying the annual rate (even with the help of other entities), or a land exchange (which is complicated in general, but further so by the high appraised value of the property) are not off the table, but are problematic.  An easemet, as evidenced by the success so far of Kidsport (see the Interlake article linked to in the following post), is seeming like a viable avenue for us to pursue.

What we'd need:
  • One or more public agencies to partner with us
  • Super-human fund-raising and grant finding abilities 
There are a number of avenues for partnerships with exciting possibilities for mutual Girl Scout/agency/public benefit, which makes this avenue exciting.  We are hoping to find that agencies would be interested in partnering with us so that this could become a viable proposal to take to our council.

What we need right this minute:
  • Continued interest and support
  • Letters to the council property manager (link to email contact in the Lease notice letter)
Thank you and keep checking back!!!!!

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