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We began as a group of Columbia Falls area girlscout leaders and parents  who use and love Westana and hoped to help our Girl Scout council find and explore all the options we may have for keeping her.  We gained momentum and learned our options last spring, and now, with a leader in place, we are a consolidated Flathead Valley-wide group with DNRC and local Girl Scout council support, ready to save our camp!

All of our local leaders are ready to work hard to help Council and adjacent communities save our camp!  We are by no means the only troops or the only citizens concerned--Westana is treasured by former campers around the nation, and even in other parts of the world.

Please explore our blog, but for the most up to date info, consider joining our facebook page (Save Camp Westana), and help us spread the word.

To assist with fundraising, please contact Becky at campwestana@yahoo.com.

To donate, view our donations page on this blog (or click here).

This blog is authored by Angela Daenzer on behalf of our Columbia Falls area Save Westana group.  To directly contact our fearless leader (Becky Johnson-Opalka) email her at campwestana@yahoo.com.

You can contact us at campwestana@yahoo.com, by posting comments here, and through comments and messages on facebook, and via twitter at Save Camp Westana.

Please take a look at our pages and post ideas, suggestions, and information.  We will add facts as we research each topic.

Thank you all for your support so far here and on our facebook page.  We wanted to use those forms of support to show that people care about Westana, and within a few short days of launching our sites we'd already seen our sites and pictures, our cause, and other concerned leaders in the paper.  So, we'll keep going until Westana is safe!  People care about this camp.

This blog is authored by an 8th-grade-troop-leader-working-mom who will keep things updated as fast as possible as our knowledge base grows. We have multiple members excited to find solutions. Missing pieces and mis-statements will be fixed as fast as possible.

Group leader extraordinaire: Becky Smith, campwestana@yahoo.com
Author: Angela Daenzer, Columbia Falls, MT

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