Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Stay tuned and check back soon ~ More from Bill Beck and DNRC!

We are still working on refining all of the options we can bring forward to council at the up-coming town meetings (info here).

To bring anyone new somewhat up to speed, area members received a letter from Council (GS of MT/WY) asking for help in deciding what to do following a lease rate increase (from $5,000 to $25,000) and leaders in multiple towns started efforts to help.

Up here (Columbia Falls) we started with a facebook page and this blog, and things took off from there following really fast press coverage through Kalispell leaders that referenced our on-line resources.

Senator Bill Beck talked to council about his desire to help, and her reached out to leaders as well.  He's been keeping us posted, and DNRC has met with him multiple times to keep brainstorming.

The Senator and local DNRC leaders let me sit in with them yesterday, and the ideas I heard were extremely encouraging.  It was also great to see agency leaders empowered by their agency.....they are working to help and truly willing to explore ideas, so today we are grateful to Bill Beck for the bridges he's building and DNRC for their problem solving approach.

I can't wait to summarize all the possibilities.....the options and combinations of options possible make quite a long list when you put them together!

More soon!

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